What is my case worth?

Step 1: Determine whether you have a case or not.

Step 2: Consult with a personal injury attorney that has experience in handling motor vehicle accidents.

You will have a hard time finding an attorney that will give you a firm dollar amount for how much you will get in your pocket during your first call. We’ll tell you why.

Without a thorough investigation, the most that any reputable attorney or law firm can do with basic information is determine whether you have a case or not and maybe give you an estimate. We know what you’re thinking, “why not?” 

Let’s start with the basics

Accident injuries have a couple of things in common such as:

1. Someone did something to cause damage.

All accidents have a multitude of factors to consider such as the rate of speed, who was at fault, weather conditions, point and severity of impact, colliding with other objects or other vehicles, and driver attentiveness. The most important aspect to every accident is determining who was at-fault, or “who should pay”.

2. Someone was hurt and is suffering.

Each person’s injury is unique to the individual. Severity of injuries can simply be caused by where they were sitting in the vehicle, and where the impact to the vehicle. Age of the injuried parties is also something an experienced personal injury attorney will consider when estimating how much your case may be worth.

Those two factors have an incredible amount of nuance that deserve consideration.

Each person’s injury is unique to the individual. The severity of the injury can be caused by whether or not someone was wearing a seatbelt, where they were sitting in the vehicle, and where the impact to the vehicle was among others. Age is also something an experienced attorney will consider.

All accidents have a multitude of factors to consider such as the rate of speed, weather conditions, vehicle upkeep, point of impact, colliding with other objects and other vehicles, and driver attentiveness among so many others.

Consider this…

Imagine a scenario in which two people in the same car are involved in a terrible accident: one walks away with scratches and a bit of soreness, the other ends up in the hospital in critical condition. Who do you think will be awarded the most money? Why?

The answer seems pretty obvious – the person in critical condition should get the most money. What if we told you that both people might get the same amount?

It. Happens… and it happens more often than you would assume.

Our personal injury attorneys will develop a winning legal strategy for your case. We have a network of resources to ensure you get the medical treatment you need and we will fight the insurance companies for maximum compensation for your injuries.

Be wary of “settlement calculators”

Settlement calculators give generic, broad, and over-compensatory numbers to lure you in. Certainly, in the right circumstances, a calculator can be close some of the time. Most of the time, they can be incredibly inaccurate when it comes to the amount you may actually be awarded. 

Why? Evaluating a case is not as simple as assigning a multiplicative value or dollar amount to pain and suffering. An experienced professional will look at all factors surrounding your case and use their experience with prior cases to provide a more accurate estimate.

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Don't Talk to the Insurance Company

They may ask questions that have hidden legal implications or manipulate your answers to make the accident look like it is your fault or claim that your injuries aren’t severe.

It is best if you avoid speaking with any insurance representatives, including your own, regarding your injuries. They may try to pressure you into quickly signing a settlement agreement worth far less than you actually need.

Do not sign any documents or verbally agree to anything until you have had an opportunity to speak with a personal injury attorney. Once you have agreed to a settlement, you cannot ask for more!

Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

Our attorneys have experience handling claims for injured motorists and their passengers. We file the claims with all parties involved to maximize your compensation and handle all correspondence with the insurance companies so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

An experienced car accident attorney will take into account your current and future medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses, so you get the compensation you need to cover the true costs of your accident.

We’re used to dealing with insurance company tactics, so when the insurance company calls, hang up and contact us instead. We’ll help you figure out whether or not a settlement offer is fair, and we’ll talk to the insurance company for you.